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This is LBJ’s 1989

Still reeling from last night's loss? Check this out:

Ouch. Why would I do that? Why would I remind you of a game in which Jordan carved up the old school Bad Boys for 46 points?

Because the Pistons lost that game. By two points. But won the series. In six games.

The Pistons need to be resilient, and over the next couple of days a lot of people will probably remind you how Detroit went down 3-2 against Miami before charging back. But truth be told, we probably are witnessing something greater than that.

This is LeBron James' coming out party. He is taking his game to the next level. He will be the next great superstar for at least the next decade, if not two.

But this is LBJ's 1989. And that season ended pretty nicely for the Pistons the first time around.

Michael Jordan 1989 Playoffs: Gm 3 Vs. Pistons, 46 pts [YouTube]