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How to watch NBA playoff games when you can’t see them on TV

This is old hat for many of you guys, but I figured I'd pass this along just in case someone out there wasn't aware: if you're not able to watch a Pistons game on TV, you still have a few options for being able to see the Boys in Blue.

First, there's the iTunes Music Store, where you can buy 15-20 minute long recaps of each game for $1.99 (or $8.99 for the duration of the playoffs). Second, there's the Google Video store, where you can buy the entire game for $3.95, as long as you're using Microsoft Windows, content waiting 24+ hours for it to be available and don't mind being limited to watching it on your computer using the Google Video Player instead of burning it to a DVD. (Update: Neither option is still available)

Or lastly, you can download the entire game via BitTorrent for free off a site called DavkaBT. This option, while almost certainly of dubious legality, may be the only way for some international fans to see the game, since I'm not entirely sure the iTunes Music Store and Google Video is available for users overseas. (If you know one way or the other, please say so in the comments). Personally, I've yet to actually use this site (simply for lack of hard drive space), but I can certainly appreciate its presence.

(What's BitTorrent? If you're not familiar, here's a good place to get some answers.)

Update: If you're looking for live streaming options, you may want to consider Sopcast or ChannelSurfing.