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Rasheed Wallace started young

Spotted this over at's Full-Court Press -- Flip Murray is familiar with Rasheed Wallace's trash-talking from when they were both school children in Philadelphia. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Rasheed Wallace's "guaran-Sheed" predictions and confident swagger are nothing new to Cavs guard Flip Murray.

Murray has seen Wallace's act before. Wallace was one of Murray's favorite high school basketball players while growing up in Philadelphia.

"He's always done that," Murray said of Wallace's chatter. "That's my man. I expect [comments] like that from him because he's very confident in his game, and he's very confident in his team. That's a Philly thing; we're very confident."

Murray was an eighth-grader when Wallace was a senior at Simon Gratz High School. Not only was Wallace one of the best prep players in the country, but he also let his opponents know it.

"Rasheed destroyed everyone he went up against in high school," Murray said. "I watched him play all the time. He's always been an intimidator and an aggressive talker. He just doesn't do it with his mouth, he also performs on the court. He's pretty much unstoppable when he has both going at the same time."

Rasheed's talk born in Philly [Cleveland Plain Dealer]