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Flipping out over Saunders

Flip Saunders has his fair share of detractors right now, but I think the folks at Free Darko sum things up best:

. . . I have my worries about Flip Saunders in the playoffs. I had no idea, however, that I should be THIS worried about the "offensive mastermind's" inability to grow a pair and send LeBron sprawling to the floor. I'm not Bron-bashing here. I'm referring to the fact that he has that MJ quality to him where guys on both teams are seriously just watching him, in awe, out of respect, waiting to see what he does next...and these momentary lapses from defenders contribute to his domination. Lebron aside, though...Flip: Get that monkey off your back. Get that tie out of your throat. Stop making Kevin McHale look good. You were given a starting five fastened from the divine credence of Krishna himself. You are in danger of becoming legendary for all the wrong reasons.

Personally, I haven't been completely satisfied with Flip's coaching job . . . but then again, I haven't been completely satisfied with anything the Pistons have this past week. I don't how you coach "focus," but when you're losing games by two points, it's the careless turnovers that make you kick yourself, not the woulda/coulda/shoulda coaching decisions. I can guarantee nowhere in Flip's playbook are the plays "botched fast break pass" and "soft pass in traffic."

Will Sell Myself for Tickets [Free Darko]