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Larry Hughes may return tonight

The Free Press reports that LeBron James thinks Larry Hughes might return for tonight's game:

James said he had a sense that guard Cavaliers guard Larry Hughes would return for tonight's game after missing three games while mourning the death of his younger brother Justin.

But coach Mike Brown was unsure about Hughes' availability.

"I haven't talked to LeBron about Larry," Brown said. "I'm not sitting here trying to guess when Larry's going to come back. Right now, I'm going to keep giving him space. I know Larry and I will talk eventually. I'll call him when my stomach feels right."

There's no doubt that Hughes was a liability on the court for the Cavs in the first two games (he shot just 8-24 from the field), but then again, so was everyone on their roster. Flip Murray hasn't played all that well in Hughes absence, and at the very least, Hughes is a much better defender. And should he return, the crowd at the Q will be that much more excited.

Doing things the right way is the challenge now [Detroit Free Press]