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Saunders to maintain energy with more players

Flip Saunders admits that it'll take a high-energy effort for 48 minutes to pull out a season-saving victory tonight. In fact, he's going so far as to suggest he'll actually use his bench:

Saunders said he expects [Rasheed] Wallace to play, but added that, given the urgency of Game 6, he might have to play more players.

"We can't afford any bad individual play," he said. "We can't afford to play our way into the game. Every play is of the utmost importance and a lot of energy has to be expended. We will probably have to use more players, even if it's two-minute, or one-minute stints. Guys are going to be called upon to play and they have to step up."

Saunders said that Wallace's ankle got stiff after foul trouble forced him to the bench, but it was a moot point considering how well Antonio McDyess was playing. But is his saying that we may actually see a little Tony Delk action? Might Dale Davis be asked to patrol the lane and dish out a few fouls should the Cavs go on a run? Could Carlos Delfino actually play his first meaningful minute of the series? I'm not sure if Saunders will take things quite that far (though I would), but it's reassuring that he now realizes he's allowed to use those six players that sit next to McDyess.

All hands on deck for Game 6 [Detroit News]