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On Ben’s fourth-quarter absence

A. Sherrod Blakley talked to Antonio McDyess and Flip Saunders regarding Ben Wallace's absence late in Monday's game:

After Monday's game, McDyess asked Wallace why he didn't want to go back in the game..

"He (Wallace) told me, `You were playing so well, you needed to stay out there,"' McDyess said. "I was happy to hear that from him."
... snip ...
"Usually we put Ben in the last three minutes," Saunders said. "I went to Ben, and said what do you think? He said, `Dice is rolling. Let Dice go.' Here's a guy that's an unbelievable competitor. He's (Wallace) our team leader, yet he sees a guy playing extremely well. He let Dice finish, and Dice was great."

This was mentioned in the game recap, but I thought it was interesting to see the exact quotes since it offers a little insight into the dynamic of the team -- even though it was obvious that McDyess was playing well, Flip still let Ben make the decision as to what move to make (or not make).

At the end, Pistons went with roll of Dice []