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R.I.P. Fayetteville Patriots

The Fayetteville Patriots announced today that it's folding. Who? You know, the Fayetteville Patriots... the NBDL team the Pistons shared with the Bobcats and the Knicks. From the NBDL's site:

"We worked very hard over five years to try to build the level of support that we needed to continue. We are saddened that it doesn’t make solid business sense to continue," D-League President Phil Evans said. "The staff there devoted countless hours to making the Patriots a viable family entertainment option in Fayetteville."

Time sure does fly -- I didn't realize that the D-League has already been around for five years, but it's true: they opened up shop in the 2001-2002 season, though it's current format as an actual farm system only came about in the last couple of years.

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