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This is not LeBron James’ iconic moment

The Cavalier from YAYsports! is having some fun with my This is LBJ's 1989 post. I predicted last week that LeBron James would instill fear in the hearts of the Pistons, but that the Pistons would still win the series, just like Michael Jordan did to Detroit back in 1989. The Cavalier, however, points out that before Jordan played the Pistons that year, he carved out his moment in history with an upset over the Cavs:

The Cavs had gone 6-0 against the Bulls that year, dominating them during the regular season. While Michael was destined for greatness, he wasn't "Michael" yet, and Chicago wasn't favored to win. Remember, this was back when Magic Johnson had already dubbed the Cavs the "team of the '90s" - their future was all but guaransheed. reality, these Pistons might be LeBron's Cavs, and if it's 1989, his Pistons might actually be the Heat, who have his Larry Bird, but only if he's gonna be part Magic Johnson, which make some sense, since he's like Magic and Michael combined skill-wise. It's not a perfect analogy, nor can you understand it in under five reads. Whatever - they brought it up, albeit perhaps from the incorrect angle. (Who gets to be LeBron's Craig Ehlo, btw?)

No, it's not a perfect analogy. Despite Magic Johnson's proclamation, the 1989 Pistons were the best team in the league, returning from a devestating Game 7 loss in the NBA Finals the year before to set a franchise record in wins. (Sound familiar?)

But then again, I can understand why a lifelong Cleveland fan might hold onto Magic's proclamation forever, considering [pick your favorite: 1) the Cavs have advanced beyond the first-round of the playoffs just four times in franchise history; 2) the Cavs have just one division title in franchise history (1976), eight years before LeBron James was even born; or 3) the Cavs are the oldest NBA franchise to never appear in the NBA Finals.]

I also see holes in this statement:

Everyone said LeBron would get Cleveland one game just by virtue of having one of those completely dominant games.

He ain't gotten that one yet, and with the way these games have gone, he'll be all set up to create an iconic moment for some kid in Detroit to anguish over for the next two weeks.

Whether Cleveland fans want to admit it or not, LeBron James has already given the Cavs three wins this series. The Cavs' second leading scorer this series has been Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who's averaging just 11.3 points per game (more than four below his season average). LBJ, meanwhile, is leading the Cavs in points, assists, rebounds and steals. You can't expect a player to "win one by himself" when he's been winning everything by himself all along.

LeBron James is taking a Shot [YAYsports!]