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Who’s feeling "tight?"

From Mitch Albom's column in today's Detroit Free Press:

The Pistons, at the break, had six turnovers and just seven assists and had missed 10 free throws. Ten free throws? Can we say "tight?"

Yes, Mitch, we can. In fact, everyone has been. After "Witness," the word "tight" has become the buzzword du jour of the playoffs. . .

May 18, Flint Journal:

"We definitely played tight tonight," said Tayshaun Prince. "We looked tight throughout the first three quarters and in some spots in the fourth quarter."

May 18, Detroit Free Press:

"They're human beings," Pistons coach Flip Saunders said. "Just because you're a veteran team, you're still human beings. And different situations can lead you to play a little bit tighter at times. "

May 18,

The team that has been loose and laid back all season could not have played any tighter than they did during the 86-84 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers."

May 19, Detroit Free Press:

The Pistons say they're playing tight. So will someone bust out an "I love you guys" in the huddle in crunch time tonight?

May 19, Detroit Free Press:

The players don't think a lack of hunger is their problem. They say wanting the championship so badly -- and perhaps expecting things to come easier than they have -- has made the loosest team in the NBA play tight and worried.

May 20, Detroit News:

"I don't know if they were playing tight, but I know that the only cat that wanted to shoot was LeBron," Rasheed Wallace said."

Just watch, now that I pointed it out, you'll notice it everywhere.