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Pistons fans Pearl Jam plays the Palace

Funny anecdote from today's Oakland Press:

NBA teams don't usually have public parties for winning the second round of the playoffs. But Pearl Jam - whose members are major hoops fans and who were at the Palace on Sunday to watch the Pistons dispatch the Cleveland Cavaliers - saw fit to celebrate that achievement with its own triumphant performance in the same venue on Monday night.

"I think a congratulatory toast is in order," said frontman Eddie Vedder, swigging from his customary bottle of red wine. "I know it's harder than hell to find a job in this city, but you've certainly got a great basketball team."

Vedder also dedicated the new album's "Come Back" to "Blackhawk Cheli," known by Detroiters as the Red Wings' Chris Chelios, a former Chicago Blackhawk who watched the show from the side of the stage and even wound up with one of Vedder's wine bottles for the encores.

For Pearl Jam fans that weren't able to attend the show last night, you can download the concert (in MP3 or FLAC) for $9.99 from the band's official site in another day or two.

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