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Where’s Inflatable Ben?

PlayAir, the company that inflates our favorite NBA players, is holding a contest to see who can submit the best picture of Inflatable Ben:

Big Ben and Big Ben

Submit your favorite photo to in jpg format of the Ben Wallace Inflatable Defender in a unique setting, in an interesting situation or with folks that make it a fun photo.

Maybe Big Ben is shown with the real Big Ben in England? Maybe Big Ben is seen in remote part of a distant country? Maybe Big Ben’s photo is taken with an A-list celebrity?

Use your imagination. If we think it’s fun enough to put up on our web site, you’ll be automatically entered into our quarterly drawing for an Inflatable Defender t-shirt and our yearly drawing for a signed Ben Wallace jersey (see photo).

The rules don't explicitly say whether you need to use an actual Inflatable Ben or if you can get away with a Photoshopped version. If the latter will suffice, I'm guessing YAYsports! already has a leg up, but I can't rule out Need4Sheed or Farlane (or one of you) putting together a winning entry.

Photo Contest [Inflatable Defender]