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Detroit Bad Boys on The Basketball Jones

If you look up "professional grade" in Google, the top result is a link to The Basketball Jones.Actually, no, that's a complete lie -- the top result is a link to GMC. But if I were King of the Internets, it would be so... Why? Because J.E. Skeets, Tas Melas and Jason Doyle put together one of the best podcasts you'll ever come across -- and twice a week during the playoffs, no less.

Ian appeared on their Eastern Conference Playoff Preview episode last month, and I was invited on last night to talk Pistons-Heat. Readers of this site will appreciate the entire new episode, especially their discussion after my appearance about what the league should do about the ugly Hack-A-Ben and Hack-A-Shaq strategies.

One of these days somebody over at SI, or ESPN is going to listen in and give these fellas a contract, at which time it'll turn into something like The Nike Basketball Jones presented by Verizon Wireless. And when they do hit the big time and everyone starts to rag on them, don't you want to be able to complain about how good they used to be like you do today with Bill Simmons? Of course you do. So check out the new episode, and consider subscribing to future episodes through iTunes.

The Basketball Jones Ep. 024 [TBJ]