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Dwyane Wade has increased his range

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Dwyane Wade is shooting more three-pointersAfter finishing 13-76 (17.6%) from three-point land in the regular season, Dwyane Wade stepped up in the playoffs to shoot 9-18 (50%) in 12 games so far in the playoffs. It's not an integral part of his game (and I have to imagine the Pistons would still prefer he take that shot than drive), but it's obvious that he's made some improvement, which pains me to admit considering I poked fun at him last month for his long-range struggles.

How did he improve? Apparently by putting some dough on the line. From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade sat courtside after his team's workout Wednesday afternoon at the Palace, pulled a $100 bill out of his sock and smiled.

"Benjamin, my buddy," said Wade as he held up the bill and admired it. "We're good friends. Me and Franklin. We're good friends. I had more, but I had to give some away for past debts."

It seems as if the greenback came from teammate Shandon Anderson as a result of some three-point shooting contests that the two engaged in after practice.

"Well, umm, you know, of late I've been really getting my money out of shooting those threes after practice," Wade said. "It's been fun."

Wade spreads the wealth [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel -- link via YAYsports!]