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More observations from Game 1

Henry Abbott over at True Hoop has some very interesting observations from one of his colleagues, Erin Podolski, who is a die-hard Pistons fan (and fellow Wolverine, as luck would have it). Erin was at the Palace for Game 1 and saw a few things:

Don't know if the cameras captured this but during a second half timeout Ben Wallace was off all by his lonesome while the other four starters powwowed at midcourt. I don't know if this is because he went on to inbound the ball or what, but it looked iffy to me. I don't know if this is a larger issue (Arn Tellem in his ear?) or he's just miserable because of his free throw percentage. Shooting <25% would be enough to drive me to drink. The even larger problem is that it seems the stons have forgotten how to run. Their offense looks like a slow Larry Brown halfcourt set wet dream right now, only the ball isn't going in. I think they've gotten away from running Rip off screens for way too long now and they need to make that their go-to move, since it's usually pretty successful.

Also, Sheed needs to get his ankle right or they're totally screwed. He's ineffective right now. But getting into Sheed is a whole different story that apparently nobody wants to touch. Has anybody ever asked him, straight up, why he won't stay on the block for more than one play? I'm sure it's not that those plays aren't being called -- or if it is, it's because he's made it clear that he just won't play that way. He remains an enigma, albeit far more charming when he's on your team and not the opponent.

The View from the Palace [True Hoop]