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Flip Saunders: Chauncey Billups is not hurt

I don't listen to much sports radio, so I didn't even realize this was a topic of discussion, but Flip Saunders had to refute on Friday a theory that Chauncey Billups was nursing a sprained ankle:

ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler apparently sees something Pistons coach Flip Saunders doesn't.

Legler told a local radio station he thinks Pistons point guard Chauncey Billups hasn't been at full strength for the past two playoff series.

Legler said Billups might be hampered by an ankle injury because he hasn't shown his usual bursts of speed off pick-and-rolls or much aggressiveness when running the offense.

Saunders said there's nothing to worry about regarding Billups' health.

"Tim Legler ...don't let the facts get in the way of a good story," Saunders said. "Tim's a good old CBA guy, so he's used to making up stories. There's nothing physically wrong with Chauncey."

Thank goodness that there's only one day off between games, or else off-the-wall theories like this would actually grow legs and become full-blown stories in the press. Even though Billups has clearly struggled at times, he's still the team's second-leading scorer in the playoffs with 18.0 points, just half a point off his regular season mark. And while we were spoiled with a league-high 4.11 assist-to-turnover ratio in the regular season, his mark of 2.46 so far in the playoffs is still solid.

There's no doubt at all that Chauncey could play better, but to be perfectly honest, I actually like it when Tayshaun Prince becomes the second primary scorer after Rip Hamilton, since so many of his shots are high-percentage shots close to the basket. And Miami, in particular, has had no answer for Prince thus far.

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