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Pistons practice day interviews has the transcripts from Sunday's post-practice interviews. It's tough to tell for sure, but sadly it looks like there just might be some signs of discord. Maybe it's just the losing, or maybe there's some truth to the rumors/speculation that the players don't quite respect Flip Saunders as much as they did Larry Brown.

Q. Talk about some of the frustration that went on last night?

BEN WALLACE: Some of the what? What frustration?

Q. Rasheed kicking over a chair.

BEN WALLACE: Well, you need to talk to Sheed about that. You're going to ask me about it? Don't ask me. That's Sheed's frustration.

Q. You weren't frustrated at all last night?

BEN WALLACE: Next question, man. I just answered that question.

And then a few questions later...

Q. Is there a different Flip from the regular season when he won 64 games until now?

BEN WALLACE: Ask him. Don't be asking me these Rasheed Wallace and Flip Saunders questions, man. Y'all want to talk to me, talk to me.

Rasheed Wallace didn't have much in particular to say, though he basically did admit there might be something brewing:

Q. What was frustrating you last night more than anything?

RASHEED WALLACE: I ain't going to mention what was frustrating me.

Q. Was it Coach, was it the team?

RASHEED WALLACE: I ain't going to mention it.

Rasheed certainly appeared to be upset with Flip early in the game, but it doesn't sound like he appreciated the Hack-a-Shaq strategy Flip employed late in the game:

Q. I know you don't like that Hack-a-Shaq thing, right, that's a disturbing trend to you?

RASHEED WALLACE: Yeah, it is. It never worked when I was in Portland, it didn't work now. So, I mean, I don't -- to me personally if I was a coach, I don't like that. That's just my personal opinion?

Q. You're saying that you can do better, rebound more aggressively. What do you want to see from Flip in this game?

RASHEED WALLACE: What he's doing, coaching. It ain't like he can come out there, throw some shorts on, lace his sneakers up and come out there with us. He's just got to do his thing from the sideline, that's all.

Mind you, winning solves everything, so if the Pistons come out on Monday and even things out, reclaim homecourt advantage and head back to Detroit with a little momentum, all of this "reading between the lines" stuff becomes moot. And before fans get all teary-eyed thinking about the good old days with Larry Brown, don't forget that a year ago the media storm that followed his flirting with the Cavs was still in full force, and most of us had already resigned to the fact that the Pistons managed to get past Miami despite LB, not because of him.

[Edit: Perhaps it's not Flip at all -- in the Sun-Sentinel, Rasheed seemed to suggest that it was once again his old nemesis, referee Dan Crawford:

So if it wasn't Saunders or the lack of shots, what was Wallace mad about?

'I was frustrated but I'm not mentioning why,' Wallace said Sunday. 'I'm not going to get fined.'

One of the game officials was Dan Crawford, a target of Detroit's ire in the past. Wallace, who was fined $20,000 for criticizing officials to reporters in the conference finals last season, was among the Pistons who complained to Crawford before leaving the floor at halftime of Game 3.

A fired up Rasheed is usually a productive Rasheed -- let's hope that shows in Game 4.]

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