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Detroit Pistons = Ten Sport Idiots

No, that's not me making some kind of judgement about the team and their current "issues" -- it's actually an anagram. Enter a word or a phrase into the text box at Sternest MeaningsSternest Meanings = Instant Messenger and it returns an anagram. Let's take a look at the rest of the team (and mind you, this isn't me talking, it's the computer):

Antonio McDyess = Moody instances
Perhaps referring to that instance after Game 5 of the Cleveland series.

Sidney Lowe = Solid weeny
Come on, now, that's just mean.

Ben Wallace = Blew a clean
I'd hope so! The last thing this team needs now is someone getting a DUI.

Carlos Delfino = Social fondler
Hey now! That's a little more info than I was looking for!

Chauncey Billups = Cynical, lush pube
I don't like the direction this is going...

Rip Hamilton = Patrol in him
Well, it doesn't actually make sense, but he is always moving/patrolling the court.

Tayshaun Prince = Puniest anarchy
He is the skinniest guy on the court, and when he's chasing down a fast break all hell breaks loose.

Sheed Wallace = Ace swellhead

Flip Saunders = Plunders as if
Plunders as if what? Don't leave us hanging! How about . . .

Head coach Flip Saunders = Phase scornful acid-head
That's untrue. Flip seems like a kind man, and not the type that would turn to drugs.

    Alright, let's take a look at the Miami Heat:

Gary Payton = Party agony
You got that? If you're planning a party, just leave the Glove off the invitation list.

Pat Riley = Real pity
It certainly will be, losing two Eastern Conference Finals in a row...

Shaquille O'Neal = Squeal in a hello
He never seemed like the type of guy that squeled, but I guess you never know.

Zo Mourning = Run on gizmo
I didn't know he was such a Gremlins fan, but I found the perfect t-shirt for him.

    Let's take a look around the NBA:

Darko Milicic = Acidic or milk
Either way, his stay in Detroit left a bad taste in our mouths.

LeBron James = Jeer man slob
Maybe because he wears that damn Yankee hat everywhere...

Yao Ming = I'm agony
Interesting... have you ever seen him smile?

    How about some classic Bad Boys?

Isiah Thomas = I am a hot hiss

Joe Dumars = Used major

Bill Laimbeer = Balmier libel

Adrian Dantley = Neat and aridly

Dennis Rodman = Demon Innards
Sad but true...

John "Spider" Salley = Joyless philander

Chuck Daly = Lucky Chad

    And last but not least...

Detroit Bad Boys = Tidy to absorbed

Matthew Watson = That west woman
Blah blah blah, it's obviously just nonsense.

Ian Cameron = Necromania
Yikes, maybe I need to talk to him about that.

    From the "they can't all make sense" category:

Lindsey Hunter = Thundery lines
Dale Davis = Avid deals
Tony Delk = Dent yolk
Kelvin Cato = Native lock
Jason Maxiell = Lax male joins
Alex Acker = Cake relax
Amir Johnson = Harm on joins

I've only touched the tip of the iceberg -- head over to Sternest Meanings and see what you can find, and tell us in the comments.