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Bucks switch up their defense

Chris Silva reports in today's Free Press that the Bucks will switching things up a bit on defense in tonight's game:

Shooting guard Michael Redd will defend Pistons point guard Chauncey Billups, who at 6-feet-3, 202 pounds has been too tough a matchup for T.J. Ford, who is 6-feet and about 35 pounds lighter than Billups.

"I'm a bigger body and can stay with him a little bit," Redd said.

That's a long time coming -- Chauncey may be the strongest point guard in the league, and he's been eating Ford alive whenever he's taken him to the post.

But who is Ford going to guard, 6-foot-7 Rip Hamilton? That matchup might be just as bad. At least when healthy, Hamilton is known for how well he moves without the ball. Ford has the quickness to keep up, but he'll be just as helpless if Rip decides to post up.

Crosshairs don't faze Bucks [Detroit Free Press]