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Early tip-off reminder: 6:00 PM!

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Just a reminder, tonight's game has an unusually early tip-off time of 6:00 PMWhat's up with the early time? It's the first game of a TNT doubleheader. Usually when they have those doubleheaders, the second game is on the West Coast, but today, the second game is the Washington/Cleveland tilt. -- no matter if you're watching from home or heading to the Palace, plan accordingly so you're not caught in rush hour, or worse yet, flipping on the TV at 7:30 only to find out the game is almost done.

And if you don't have tickets to the game, well, it's not too late. All the newspapers reported this morning that there were still at least 500 tickets left for sale. Usually when I see announcements like that I just assume that all the tickets get snatched up right away, but as of 1:05 PM today I saw tickets available in the $105, $115, $135 and $180 price range -- all in the lower bowl. I can't make it, but perhaps some of you can.

Game 5 tickets [Ticketmaster]