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Maceo Baston is still dunking

As a public service to get your mind off of more depressing things, here's a nice clip of Maceo Baston playing for Maccabi Tel-Aviv:

The clip is from the 2004-05 season, and the guy throwing the ball is Sarunas Jasikvicius, who was a rookie with the Indiana Pacers this year. Baston hasn't given up hope returning to the NBA (he played all of 16 games with the Raptors in 2003) at some point:

"I would prefer to be player receiving a few minutes in the NBA than a star in Europe," said Baston. "Every basketball player has to test himself out against the best. I see players like Boris Diaw [Phoenix Suns] or Tayshaun Prince [Detroit Pistons] and I feel that I can play in that league. I have no doubt about it."

While Baston wants another shot at the NBA, he has a contract with Maccabi for next season and says that he will not be disappointed if he remains with the club. "I have to inform Maccabi by a certain date in August, and if I have to return to Tel Aviv, I will feel good about that."

I'm sure if he came back next fall and spent an entire training camp with the right team he could make a 15-man roster, but I'm not sure many teams will be ready to hand him a guaranteed contract before camp starts, which might be what he'd want to leave money on the table in Europe. Either way, it's good to see he's doing well.

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