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Carnival of the NBA #27 — Super Friends edition!

Umm...could we stop humping the battleship, please?For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of the Carnival of the NBA, it is a periodic compilation of the best that basketball blogdom has to offer; a comprehensive cornucopia of wit and hoops knowledge from Celticsblog to Sactown Royalty and everywhere between.

For episode #27, Jason Gurney -- purveyor of (one of those 'must reads', every morning) -- has presented the list by comparing various basketball bloggers with members of the Super Friends. Be sure to check it out, and afterwards, expect to be smarter than you were previously.

(Also, on the topic of comic book heros and humor, check out Super Dickery for more awkward, hilarious, and insanely inappropriate images like the one to the right.)

Carnival of the NBA #27 -- Super Friends Edition! []
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