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If the Pistons were a sitcom. . .

The Pistons already have their own cartoon, but if they were sitcom from the 80's, which one would they be? The Mighty MJD answers that question for all of the playoff teams, deciding that the Pistons can only be compared to Cheers:

In their own ways, each member of the cast was completely indispensable. You couldn’t have Cheers without any of the mainstays… Sam is Chauncey Billups. Cool, smooth, the go-to guy. Runs the show in his own way, not overbearing, gets along with everyone, but knows when he has to be the man.

Ben Wallace is Norm. An absolute stalwart. Dependable, reliable, never caught out of position. Probably couldn’t carry his own show, though. Rasheed Wallace is Carla… ready to flip out at a moment’s notice, often bringing an energy that inspires the rest of the cast to new heights. And even though Cheers will still great in the later years of the show, we all still liked to think back fondly on the days of Coach Ernie Pantuszo… much like all Pistons fans look back on the days of Darko Milicic.

I highly recommend reading the rest of the article -- MJD certainly knows his funny. Does anyone have any ideas for the rest of the team/cast? I'm going to say Larry Brown was Diane -- you enjoyed her when she was there, but it turns out she was easily replaced by Rebecca.

But what about Cliff, Frasier and Woody? This is tough... Are there any other sitcoms you think the Pistons should be compared to?

If NBA Playoff Teams Were 80s Sitcoms… [The Mighty MJD, link via YAYsports!]