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Remember me?[By the way, you were supposed to speak the title to this post in your best "monster truck"/"computer swap meet" commercial voice.]

Well, the matchup is set.

After Damon Jones' jumper sealed the fate of the Washington Wizards tonight,Damon Jones? Game winner? Glad he got that one shining moment out of his system. He can go back to daydreaming about his days caddying for Kazaam now. we now know that Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers will be offered up as the second round victim of the Boys in Blue.

Make no mistake -- despite my trash-talking, the Pistons will have to come with it a bit moreso than they did against the Bucks in order to topple the Cavs. King James and the Bronettes have stepped up their game since the playoffs began, dispatching of the high-scoring, "defense optional" Wizz kidzz in 6. Add to that a healthy dose of pro-Bron whistles from the zebras, and you have the makings of an artificial dog fight. But given the joy the Pistons seemed to take in shutting down the Cavs in 3 of their 4 regular season contests, I doubt motivation will be much of a issue during this series. Also, with the national media's constant fellating of Lebron's ego throughout the playoffs thus far, this matchup may just be exactly what the Pistons need: a chance to bring back the "underappreciated" label that has seved them so well in postseasons past.

    The series schedule

According to ESPN's playoff schedule, Game 1 will be played on Sunday at 3:30 EST and will be televised on ABC.

Here's the full schedule for the series, according to ESPN:

    Game 1 -- 5/7, 3:30pm EST -- Cavs @ Pistons
    Game 2 -- 5/9, 7:00pm EST -- Cavs @ Pistons
    Game 3 -- 5/13, 8:00pm EST -- Pistons @ Cavs
    Game 4 -- 5/15, 7:00pm EST -- Pistons @ Cavs
    Game 5 -- 5/17, Time TBD -- Cavs @ Pistons*
    Game 6 -- 5/19, Time TBD -- Pistons @ Cavs*
    Game 7 -- 5/21, 3:30pm EST -- Cavs @ Pistons*

    * Less than necessary at this point.

[Do you see what I see? Four days between games 2 & 3! They could walk to Cleveland in far less time!]

Detroit Pistons schedule [ESPN]