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He wasn’t even in my top three

Rasheed Wallace's reaction after learning that Ben Wallace would be named the Defensive Player of the Year for the fourth time:

"They gave that to him again?" Rasheed Wallace said, loud enough so that Ben Wallace could hear as he exited the locker room. "Ah, dog, that's felonious. It's felonious. Fe-lone-e-us. He was not even in my top three. Honestly, they only gave it to him because we the Pistons."

Of course, Rasheed Wallace could not refrain from real praise for his teammate.

"No, that says a lot," said Rasheed, who had 10 points and seven rebounds. "That's a damn good accolade to have.

"That's going to be some spotlight in his trophy case when he retires. He's got the belt and the rings and the defensive trophy."

Excuse me, but did he says rings, as in plural? I like confidence, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here...

Also, Need 4 Sheed has the video.

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