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Jake Gone Wild!

So yeah, Jake the Dancing Kid.

I wasn't planning on touching that article since I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, but now I don't have to -- YAYsports! did for me.

I know Jake the Dancing Kid is supposed to be cute, and I'm sure he brings the house down when he appears on PalaceVision, but the whole thing just strikes me as a little (pick one: odd/disturbing/weird/creepy). Skewer me if you want, but comments like these don't help:

"A lot of people got on TV taking off their shirt," Jacob said. "I thought, 'I go to all the games; maybe they would show me a lot.' "

An idea was born, crystallized and put into action.

At some point, usually during the third or fourth quarter, Jacob removes his shirt, starts dancing, sometimes swinging the shirt, and the crowd roars for more.

Jacob came to the conclusion that fans get the most face time on the big screen in the second half, thus his reasoning for dancing later in the game.

It's just all seems a little too calculated. I can't fault the kid too much -- he's seven years old, remember -- but it's just a little depressing that he's already found a way to game the system into turning him into a pseudo-celebrity.

He used to be just a novelty act at 4 Championship Drive, but now that his story has been splashed across the front page of the Detroit News, are we about to see a legion of copycats? I hope not. Maybe it's me, but I think it's time kids these days tried getting onto the big screen the old fashioned way, such as painting their faces or wearing big Afro wigs.

[Edit -- here's the little guy in action, courtesy of Need 4 Sheed]

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