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Q: How does Tayshaun stay hot?

A: By wearing his official beanie cap, of course!

Why was Tayshaun Prince so amped on Wednesday? Could it be because his official online store opened for business just hours before the game? I received the official Tayshaun Prince newsletter yesterday afternoon -- I vaguely remember signing up at Prince's official site months ago (turn your speakers down at work, unless your employer encourages you to randomly play the instrumental version of The Game's Hate it or Love it) -- with the following announcement:

Tayshaun's autographed memorabilia and merchandise store is now up and running. Be sure to check out Tayshaun's official memorabilia store and show your support for your favorite Pistons forward by purchasing Tayshaun's official signed items and exclusive merchandise. Featured items include signed game used shoes, a practice worn and signed practice jersey, Tayshaun Prince embroidered beanies, and more. Shop now!

That's right, get your Tayshaun Prince embroidered beanie today:

Tayshaun Prince beanie cap

At $15.99 (plus $4.95 shipping), it's a steal at twice the price! Especially when compared to the autographed game used sneakers ($1,650) and autographed practice-worn jersey ($1,099) . . .

Tayshaun's Official Store [Tayshaun Prince Official Website]