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Sleeping with the enemy?

Would cousin Larry get to attend games courside?Spurred (no pun intended) by the Full-Court Press blog over at MLive, we pose the following question (first presented by Hoopsworld):

    Ben Wallace for Manu Ginobili and Rasho Nesterovic, would you do it?

You all know how Matt and I feel about Ginobili, but even we have to admit that our blind hatred of Balki is more due to his dogged determination and frequent flops (which remind us a former Piston or two). And Manu's perpetual motion certainly fits the "Goin' to work" persona of the current squad.

So, if Spurs fans have really turned on Ginobili to the point that they're ready to start anew without him, would Detroit fans accept him as a member of the Boys in Blue? And what, if anything, does that do to the starting lineup? Could a rotation of Rip, Ginobili, and Prince offer enough minutes to placate whoever was forced to play the role of sixth man (like Stack does for the Mavs)?

Again, this is more hypothetical than rumor, as Full Court Press was very quick to point out, but it is an interesting thought nonetheless. (Besides, discussion of this sort allows us to pretend that the whole "Dwyane Wade and Shaq winning a title" thing isn't really happening.)

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