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Heat in six

See Shaq dunk. Dunk Shaq dunk.

Wow. This is going to have to sink in for a little bit. But I tip my hat to Miami. They played like they wanted it for six games straight, while Detroit kind of meandered around for a few games, panicked and then it was just too late. If Miami plays in the Finals like they did in this series, they may even win a game or two.

But is there anything more annoying than Miami fans? If the Pistons are going to lose, I'd at least like to see them lose to a team like the Cavs whose home fans aren't too cool to cheer the whole game. Miami had to settle for passing out those cicadas-sounding noisemakers which made the television broadcast nearly unbearable. And what's up with these guys below? You think the guy wearing the "E" said, "Wait, put powder on my face? No, that would be weird."

Wait, put powder on my face? No, that would be weird.

Eh, whatever. I'll attempt to get some kind of coherent thoughts up here later tonight, but it may take a couple of days before I can put together an official post-mortem to the season. I kind of figured I wouldn't have to do that for another couple of weeks, I was planning on a happy ending. It was a hell of a season, though, and it should be the most interesting offseason we've had since Joe Dumars traded Jerry Stackhouse for Rip Hamilton.

One thing I'd like to say right now while I still have your attention is that while the Pistons will be back next year, this site isn't going anywhere. We're definitely going to be staying active throughout the summer -- without a game every other night, we'll have a bit more time to work on some longer features that we've been thinking about. Plus, and this is the really cool part, it looks like we should be able to get at least a couple of really cool interviews. So don't forget to keep us part of your daily routine even though the season is over.

But in the meantime, feel free to start venting about the game, the season, the lid someone glued onto the Pistons' hoop and anything else on your mind in the comments below.

Pistons 95, Heat 78 box score [ESPN]