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Dumars on replacing Lowe and developing Delfino

Now I'm really wishing I just had access to a full transcript of Joe Dumars' press conference -- I've had to look through multiple sources to pull together all of the really interesting quotes. I found two more in the Detroit News.

First, on replacing departing assistant coach Sidney Lowe, who is leaving to take over as head coach at North Carolina State:

"I am not looking for a defensive coach or anything like that," Dumars said. "The only thing I said to Flip when we talked was, 'It's going to have to be somebody these guys respect from the first day they walk in here.' It can't be a guy who over the course of a year earns their trust."

One leading candidate is former Milwaukee Bucks head coach Terry Porter, who played for Saunders at Minnesota.

Second, Dumars on Carlos Delfino:

"We need people who can break defenses down and get us easier shots," Dumars said. "We have to somehow get more points in the paint. I thought we depended on jump shots way too much."

Rookies Jason Maxiell (who could provide some low-post scoring) and Amir Johnson will be given every opportunity to win spots in the rotation for next season. Dumars also said he didn't plan on trading forward Carlos Delfino.

"He's going to be here," Dumars said. "We're not trading him and he's not going anywhere. That was one of those situations where I would have liked to see him play more this year. Flip (Saunders) and I talked about that. He provides a skill we need -- he can put it on the floor, break down defenses, get to the rim and play in the open court. We need that."

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