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The Mavs are ready to fire it up!

With an overwhelming 73% of those DBB readers who voted in our poll saying they'll be rooting for the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals, we figured this goofy clip might be of interest:

In case you're interested, both Ian and I are picking the Mavs. Ian is going with the safe "Mavs in 6" pick, while I'm going out on a limb to say "Mavs in 5."

Do I really think they'll need just five games or am I just spiteful? I'm not entirely sure,Do I need to change that little blurb on the right to say "completely fair and unbiased opinions on 28 of the Association's 30 teams"? but I do think that Dallas will be able to run Miami ragged, just like they did in the regular season when they won games by margins of 13 and 36 points. Some people are saying this series will be extremely close, but I'm predicting that three of the Mavericks' four wins will be blowouts.

Light it up!

Dirk & Mavs Warm Up For A Game [YouTube, via TBJ and SLAM]