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Dispelling acquisition rumors

Chris McCosky clears up a rumor started by his co-worker Terry Foster in today's Detroit News:

Contrary to some reports, the Pistons are not trying to land Atlanta's Al Harrington in a sign-and-trade deal. After Ben Wallace agreed to sign with the Bulls, the Pistons had pitched a deal to Harrington. But after they signed Nazr Mohammed, the Harrington offer was off the table.

Since we're on the subject of dispelling rumors, perhaps it's a good time to mention Kevin Garnett. I'll let DBB reader Satchel explain:

Please, enough with the Garnett… there are SALARY REQUIREMENTS on a trade.

Garnett makes $22 million next year. Delfino and Dice make, collectively, about $7. So, um, come up with about $12 million more in player salaries - oh, and explain why you would trade one of the best players in the game for a few role players and a (probably) mid-teens draft pick.

I doubt Garnett will be traded to anyone, but if Detroit was serious about getting him, it would have to include moving Rasheed Wallace and his $12 million salary... and then we're only halfway there. Adding Antonio McDyess and Dale Davis would get it done from a salary standpoint, but even if Minnesota wanted to go for it, Detroit's depth would be depleted so much that Jason Maxiell would be the first big off the bench, with literally no one available behind him. In other words, it's not going to happen.

Anyone that's interested in testing various trade scenarios against the salary cap restrictions should check out RealGM's Trade Checker feature. It doesn't allow you to include sign-and-trade deals or future draft picks into the trade, but it's a handy tool for getting a feel for what's allowable and what's not.