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Monday’s Layup Drill

  • Is it Cheick Samb or Cheikh Samb? Can we get a ruling? I see it spelled "Cheick" most of the time, but the Detroit News is using "Cheikh" -- and this article from the website of the Spanish team he plays for actually uses both. In any case, the News has an interesting profile on the lanky project/prospect from Senegal.
  • Free agent rumblings from the Detroit News: the Pistons are going after Flip Murry, Chucky Atkins and Tony Delk with their bi-annual exception worth $3.5 million. If all else fails, trading for Brevin Knight is apparently an option, too.
  • From the same article: Terry Porter will probably join Detroit's coaching staff if his bid to buy the Trailblazers fall through. Plus, Nik Caner-Medley (built "in the mold of Utah's Matt Harpring") is impressing in Vegas.
  • Drew Sharp thinks William Davidson is cheap.
  • Meet Nazr Mohammed.
  • Late addition -- Flip versus Larry: The Cage Match (thanks for the heads up, YMCA Legend)