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Takin’ his game to the next level

Apparently, Sheed is big in Vegas too.

Natalie over at Need4Sheed recently noticed that SLAM Online used the word "Sheed-tastic" (a word she coined on her site) in an article describing a Sheed appearance in Las Vegas during the Summer League. But while SLAM's use of the word is a testament to Natalie's internet reach, we think she may have missed the real story of the article, namely Sheed's adherence to the Vegas nightlife (if not its dress code). Check out this eye-witness account.

But on the last night, one of the guys we were with went crazy on the craps table and decided to treat all of us to a night out…at the strip club…at 6 in the morning. (Hey, it makes sense in Vegas — don’t judge me.)

As we were there enjoying the scenery and friendly service, an extremely tall dude wanders in with one of the security guards helping him through the crowd. One of my boys immediately screams about how that’s definitely a basketball player. To prove that not all tall black men are basketball players, I strolled over near the bar where tall dude was standing. Chilling in gym shorts, a t-shirt, and a really low, black baseball hat, was Rasheed Wallace. I’ve never been happier to be wrong about something in my life. Minutes later, he was escorted to the back and most of the more attractive ladies appeared to be gone for the night.

I’ve always loved ‘Sheed, but now, the man is a legend to me.


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