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Tuesday’s Layup Drill

  • Ron Ron is currently playing beyond the reach of David Stern.Say what you will about Ron Artest (and we have), but he's not living in an ivory tower. The New York Daily News caught up with him playing in a Rucker Park "Summer League" game. Ron Ron, only hours removed from wrapping up his stint in the NBA-sanctioned Vegas Summer League, was running for Fat Joe's Terror Squad.

    I'll give the guy this, he loves the game.

  • According to the Free Press, the Pistons are set to officially announce the signings of Nazr Muhammad and Flip Murray at an 11:30 press conference today. You feel that? Tingles...
  • ESPN's Sports Guy compares Lebron's performance at the ESPYs to his playoff series against the Pistons Read on:

    I happened to be sitting a couple of rows behind LeBron, which was funny because every time a female celebrity walked on stage (Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Ashley Judd, etc.), he looked more intense than he did during Game 4 of the Pistons series. If they ever do an ESPN Full Circle for the ESPYS, there needs to be a channel devoted just to LeBron's reactions to everyone who walks out.

  • And, lest you need yet another reason to dislike the Sports Guy -- in spite of (or in addition to) his uncanny ability to work Britney Spears into any article regardless of topic -- catch him bragging about his on-screen moments during several classic Celtics games, including:

    You can also see me taunting Rodman right as everyone's leaving the court during Game 5 of the Pistons-Celts series in '87 (the one when Bird made the big steal).

  • What, you want more Maceo Baston news? Well, bear with me anyways (as a Michigan alum, I can't help myself). According to, Maceo has received a one year offer leave his Israeli team Maccabi to play in the NBA, but he is holding out for two years and more than the $500k offered. Thanks to True Hoop for the link, as well as the excellent article detailing the increased competition for NBA-level talent from overseas leagues. Check it out.
  • Just a quick note: we said we'd update you on Ronald Dupree's contract when details became available, and they have: it's a two-year minimum contract, with the second year a player option.