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Monday’s Layup Drill

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  • Will Blaylock bump Alex Acker?First off, the Boys in Blue have inked a multiyear deal with Will Blaylock, the last player selected in this year's draft. Joe Dumars had this to say

    "We are pleased," said Joe Dumars, the Pistons' president of basketball operations. "Will had a good showing at the Vegas summer league and we are excited about his potential and ability to give us depth at the point guard position."

    Still no word as to how this affects the prospects of Alex Acker, last year's last player chosen.

  • Conspiracy theorists, rejoice! Chris McCoskey of the Detroit News comes out swinging against David Stern's NBA. 106 free throw attempts in a summer league game that didn't even feature Dwyane Wade? Jeebus...
  • Get ready for the return of those fairweather Pacers fans. ESPN reports that our (at one time) hated rival to the south is close to reobtaining Al Harrington from the Hawks in a sign and trade. No word yet on what the Pacers would give up in the deal. Let's see how Harrington fits in with Rick Carlisle's swimming upstream offense this time around.
  • The Raptors, currently being rebuilt in the image of the Phoenix Suns, signed 28-year-old Jorge Garbajosa, the MVP of the last two Spanish Club Finals. Despite the curious trade for T.J. Ford earlier this offseason, I would not discount the efforts of new team president Brian Colangelo. It looks like the Raps could be in the mix for the final playoff spot in the East.
  • Henry from True Hoop takes issue with Deadspin's treatment of his beloved Portland Trailblazers. Granted, the "Jail-blazers" nickname is as trite as referring to the Artest brawl at the Palace, but until Zach Randolph is traded to the Knicks, the nickname will always be somewhat appropriate, won't it?
  • Carnival of the NBA, treinta y tres is up over at Celtics Blog, and were it anything other than a Larry Bird theme, I might be able to muster up a more enthusiastic intro. Nonetheless, they did a nice job on the presentation, so it's worth a look.