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Lindsey Hunter signs for two more years

Lindsey HunterThere's still no news on the Joel Przybilla front, but Lindsey Hunter agreed to return to Detroit, accepting a two-year, $4.5 million offer.

While I'm happy to see Hunter return, his contract is roughly one year and $3 million more than what most of us thought he'd be getting. Apparently it's not even his true market value, though, as he reportedly turned down more money from the Suns because he wanted to retire as a Piston.

I can respect his wanting to return, but I'm guessing Joe Dumars will figure out some way to add another backup point guard to the mixThat is, unless we're going to be seeing a lot more of Alex Acker and Will Blalock that any of us were hoping for. -- Hunter may be a nice defensive stopper off the bench, but he's not quite the backup to Chauncey Billups that this team still needs.

There's also talk about Hunter moving into the front office after he retires. Of course, things like that aren't allowed to be worked into a player's contract (thank goodness -- can you imagine if Isiah Thomas took over like he thought he was going to after he retired?), but by all accounts Dumars and Hunter have always had a close relationship, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen. I have no clue what role Hunter would be qualified to fill, but at the very least he's a great ambassador for the team.