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Alex Acker packs for Greece

Alex AckerFrom yesterday's Detroit News:

Pistons guard Alex Acker has agreed to a one-year contract to play in Greece next season. He will replace another former NBA player, Tyus Edney, on the Olympiakos team.

Acker, who saw action in five games for the Pistons last season and spent half the season with the team's developmental league affiliate, will be paid one million Euros (about $1.27 million U.S.). He would have made $664,000 with the Pistons and again spent the bulk of the season in the developmental league.

The Pistons still retain rights to Acker and could bring him back for the 2007-08 season.

If you remember, Acker and Ronald Dupree were battling for the final spot on the roster last year until Dupree was traded to the Timberwolves just before the start of the season. So did Acker take a step back this year?

Hardly. He's not playing in the NBA this year, but he's making twice as much moneyWhich he'll definitely appreciate. and will probably see at least five times as much playing time. And in all honesty, living in Greece isn't all that bad, especially for a kid who grew up in California. For all the glitz and glamor of the NBA, I don't think he's going to miss the Michigan winter.Or making those crazy Michigan Lefts -- for Alex's sake, I hope Greece doesn't have any traffic circles.

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