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A sidebar experiment

As all of us know, there hasn't been much brewing in NBA news, especially when it comes to the Pistons. The rest of the Detroit sports scene is alive and kicking, though, especially when it comes to the Tigers and their meteoric rise in the standings.

To get my daily Tigers fix, I've made reading Mack Avenue Tigers part of my daily routine -- it's a Tigers blog written by Kurt Mensching, a sports journalist by trade (and DBB reader by coincidence). I added a link to Mack Avenue Tigers on the sidebar a while back, but since Kurt is currently blowing DBB's doors off when it comes to producing relevant and compelling Detroit sports content, I figured I'd take it one step further.

With his permission, I incorporated his latest headlines into my sidebar. The way I figure, there's a lot of crossover between Pistons fans and Tigers fans, and even I will admit that reading about the best team in the majors is a bit more exciting than reading about a third-string center getting Tasered.

As I write this, the Tigers headlines can be found on the front page at the bottom of the sidebar -- you'll need to scroll all the way down past the latest comments, advertisements and sidebar links to find them. It's definitely not the most useful spot for it, so Ian and I will probably be playing around with things over the next few days until we settle on something better. But look for it, and if you see something interesting, head on over to Mack Avenue to read the whole post.