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Current and former Pistons at the World Championships

It's been a little quiet around these parts, but what else could bring DBB out of its summer slumber than a Carlos Delfino update? He's currently playing for Argentina in the World Championships in Japan, seeing action at shooting guard and small forward while backing up Manu Ginobili and Andres Nocioni. As it works out, the Pistons are able to keep close tabs on Delfino's progress -- Tony Ronzone, the Pistons director of basketball operations and international scouting extraordinaire, has been able to watch Delfino play while serving as an advance scout for Team USA. From the Free Press:

With the reigning Olympic gold medalists, Delfino will be a key player in the rotation backing up shooting guard Manu Ginobili (San Antonio Spurs) and small forward Andres Nocioni (Chicago Bulls), an upcoming star and a player who established himself as a tough-minded scorer last season.

"It's going to be the same situation for us," Hammond said. "He'll play behind a good, established two guard and a good established small forward. The key for him will be to be ready. The minutes are available; he just has to take advantage."

On Saturday, Delfino scored four points and grabbed three rebounds as Argentina beat France, 80-70, in its opening Group A game. Argentina faces Venezuela on Monday.

In the exhibition games, the Argentine team didn't fare as well as expected.

It suffered large defeats to the Serbian and Montenegro team and South Korea. But Delfino has done well; he scored 16 points in the South Korea defeat.

I'm not sure how often these stats are updated, but you can follow Delfino's performance by checking out his FIBA player profile page.

Check out the individual scoring leaders for the tournament while you're at it -- I know it's only been two games, but good ol' Carlos Arroyo is pacing everyone with 26 ppg.

Last but not least, it wouldn't be a DBB post if we didn't take a wistful look in Darko Milicic's direction every chance we have. From the AP:

SENDAI, Japan -- Darko Milicic scored 20 points to lead defending champion Serbia and Montenegro to a 104-57 victory over Lebanon on Monday, its first win in the FIBA world championships.

Milicic, of the Orlando Magic, shot 8-of-11 from the field, and Marko Marinovic added 14 points for Serbia-Montenegro, which lost its first two games of the tournament to France and Nigeria.

I found the following highlight on YouTube -- it's not from Monday's game (it's a "friendly match" from earlier this summer), but if you close your eyes and listen to the announcer, it may as well be:

In case you're wondering, he also has an outside shot.

Let's recap: a Carlos Delfino update, a Tony Ronzone mention and a yearning for Darko Milicic -- I just completed the DBB triathlon!

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