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Terry Porter (finally) named assistant coach

After months of rumors, the Pistons finally announced today that Terry Porter would be joining Flip Saunders' staff as an assistant coach. From

"We are pleased to add Terry Porter to our coaching staff," said Dumars. "Terry was a fierce competitor during his playing days and he has excelled as both a head coach and assistant coach in this league. We feel his experience is a good fit for our team."

Porter enters his first season as an assistant coach with the Pistons after serving as head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks for two seasons (2003-05). He led the Bucks to a 41-41 record in his first season (2003-04) and a first-round playoff berth. During his two seasons as head coach, the Bucks compiled a record of 71-93 and a 50-32 mark when playing at the Bradley Center.

"I’m excited about the opportunity that Joe Dumars and Flip Saunders have given me," said Porter. "The Pistons are a championship organization and I look forward to working with the players and coaching staff."

The Bucks fired Porter with a year left on his contract, and he spent much of the last year being linked to an effort to by the Portland Trailblazers.

Much like Ron Harper, Porter is a guy who was still playing in the NBA not too long ago. I have to imagine that counts for something with the players -- Dumars insisted back in June that the team would add someone who could command immediate respect. Unlike Harper, though, Porter has head coaching experience to fall back upon. Looks like a solid pickup for Detroit.

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