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Weekend Layup Drill

  • The Las Vegas Summer League may be over, but Amir Johnson and Jason Maxiell are still honing their game out west.
  • The Free Press fills in some more details about Dale Davis' recent run-in with police in Miami. I don't know about you, though, but I'm less interested in how he was arrested than why the police were called in the first place. Unless/until that part of the story is explained, I probably won't be talking about this much longer, simply because there's really nothing interesting to say.
  • USA Basketball put Free Darko on press row for last Thursday's USA-Puerto Rico exhibition. The resulting photojournalism is worth checking out, and I'm not just saying that because of the Chuck Daly cameo. (Hat tip to True Hoop)
  • Also spotted on True Hoop: Akron Beacon Journal columnist Terry Pluto takes issue with the Cavs' firing of longtime play-by-play man Michael Reghi for Pistons announcer Fred McLeod:

    Reghi is a professional acquaintance. I don't know him well. But I do know he's been a loyal, hard-working and effective broadcaster for 15 years. He's also built a sizable fan following and has been a very strong, positive voice for the franchise.

    So why fire him with two years left on his contract?

    Even more importantly, why wait until August?

    Why not make the move after the season, when jobs open up and he can find work with another NBA team?

    McLeod worked in the Cleveland TV market in the 1970s, but has spent the last 22 years doing Pistons basketball. He supposedly has a long relationship with Gilbert dating to when Gilbert was an intern at a station where McLeod worked.

    McLeod will have to overcome the fact that some fans will view him as a Detroit guy brought in by another Detroit guy (Gilbert) to replace a Cleveland guy (Reghi). It also will be seen as Gilbert hiring a buddy, and wanting to ``Piston-ize'' the Cavaliers.

    McLeod is known in Detroit as someone who seldom criticizes the team he covers. That was not true of Reghi, who was reasonably candid.

  • Unrelated tidbit: the Camaro is back. I won't be able to afford 400 HP, but I'm stoked nonetheless.