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Sign of the times…

Proving that you're never too late to finally arrive to the party, Detroit Bad Boys is finally on MySpace. What exactly does that mean? For starters, you can now view the general interests and favorite bands, books and movies of DBB as an entity (which, ironically, look awfully similar to the general intestests and favorite bands, books and movies of Ian and I as individuals).

Secondly, and if you were skimming you may want to slow down and read this closely, you can now show all of your other friends, family and co-workers just how big of a Pistons fan you are by being among the first to add DBB to your list of MySpace friends. I must admit, doing so doesn't mean that we'll loan you our pickup truck when you move (but that's only because neither one of us owns a pickup truck). What it does mean, though, is that we'll probably leave a comment on your page with a funny little picture like the one below. . . because that's what people on MySpace do for each other. So check us out:

What would Buddha do?
Buddha would add DBB as a MySpace friend, that's what.