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Thursday’s links: Short and bitter/sweet

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  • Matt discussed briefly last Saturday the strange case of Bonzi Wells' free agency (basically, that no one wants him). Well, this story could be getting much worse (for Pistons fans, anyway). After turning down a modest sized offer from the Kings earlier this offseason -- and then finding very little interest leaguewide in a contract-year phenom with questionable character -- it seems that Wells' agent is now trolling Miami waters hoping to snag the Heat's mid-level exception. If Wells is anywhere near the player who gave San Antonio fits in last year's playoffs, the Heat will be even tougher in '06-07. Remember, this team took two thirds of a season to gel after major offseason changes in the summer of '05. Now, with the majority of their roster returning, expect them to resemble the late-season/playoff Heat in '06-07 more than the team that stuggled with the league's elite for much of the season.
  • NBA Roundup: 'Law and Order' edition! Today's Free Press -- in their recurring 'NBA Roundup' column-- updates us on the goings-on this week in the NBA. Normally this is the article where the freep would dump the latest Mateen Cleeves signing or news about the expansion Roanoke Rhinoceri of the WNBA developmental league. Today's news? We get an update on Dale Davis' Tasering saga;Well, in the interest of full disclosure, the article says very little of the Tasering, choosing instead to focus on the whole "legal" angle. But you know as well as I do -- the only thing remembered from this story will be that DD got himself TASERED! POW! we receive news that Zach Randolph won't be charged with sexual assault stemming from a police report filed in Oregon last month;For those who aren't squeamish, check out True Hoop's coverage of this story. I don't care how you spin this, Zach Randolph is a bastard. and, as an added bonus, we learn that the courts don't think it is that big a deal that Lee Nailon of the Cavs elbowed his wife in the face and threw a picture frame at her.

    NBA's faaaaan-tastic! /sarcasm

  • Magic Number 10! Finally, to end this abbreviated links list on a good note... Ladies and gentlemen, after their 6-2 victory over the Chicago White Sox last night, your Detroit Tigers have lowered their magic number to 10! (Meaning that any combination of 10 Tigers wins and/or losses by the runner-up will clinch the Central Division for our beloved Tigs. The magic number for making the playoffs is even lower, but we want that Central Division title...and I'm too challenged mathematically to figure it out right now.) As always, stay with Mack Avenue Tigers for the latest news on the Old English 'D'.
    (P.S. -- thanks to the Detroit Tigers Forum at Worldcrossing for the Cookie Monster photo.)

Bonzi Wells' agent talking to Heat [Sun-Sentinel]
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