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Korleone Young signs with Bnei Hasharon

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Last October I asked, "what did happen to Korleone Young?""Where in the world is Korleone Young?" After a bit of poking around, I discovered that while Detroit's former second-round pick hasn't been able to return to the NBA he's had no trouble earning paychecks from basketball, playing everywhere from Australia, China, Russia and everywhere in between.

Well, add another notch "everywhere in between" -- Young has just signed with Bnei Hasharon, an Israeli team that plays in the same league as the more famous Maccabi Tel Aviv. Sadly, though, Young's reputation precedes him even on the other side of the ocean -- the article by the Israeli news source announcing his signing focuses almost entirely on his status as one of the NBA's most well-known failed prep-to-pros projects instead of about what kind of player he is or what his projected role will be with his new team.

Nevertheless, it's good to hear he's still playing ball.

Korleone Young hopes to dump bad history with B. Hasharon []