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Lindsey Hunter is for the children

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Lindsey Hunter solidified his all-around good guy image on Tuesday while taking part in a grand opening for a Lansing elementary school library. From the Lansing State Journal:

All Lewton Elementary School students sported a smiles and white Pistons T-shirts during a powerful grand opening party Tuesday for the school's new library.

Their first look at the transformed Pistons-themed room came with autographs from player Lindsey Hunter, a reading challenge linked to game tickets and a major surprise.

Not one - as originally planned - but all three former Lewton students who shared their education success stories received a $1,000 scholarship at the event.

After hearing the presentations, Hunter decided on the spot to personally donate an additional $2,000 to help all three.

"Any time I can help kids get excited about learning and reading, to see their faces light up, that's the most rewarding thing for me," said Hunter, who has helped cut the ribbon at some of the Pistons' 10 other Live, Learn and Play Centers. "It gets better every time."

Hoopla, surprise part of library opening [Lansing State Journal]