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Hall of Fame Layup Drill

Joe DumarsWith the Hall of Fame ceremonies taking place this evening, there have been a fair number of Joe Dumars features popping up online...

  • has put together a pretty cool video retrospective of Dumars' career.

    It's worth watching for the old Bad Boys footage alone, but one of the things I most appreciated was the clip of Isiah Thomas after Game 3 of the 1990 NBA Finals when he informed the media that Dumars' father died earlier in the afternoon -- I'm not sure I ever actually saw that on video.

    (Thanks to Need4Sheed for the link)

  • has a nice eight-picture gallery of Joe Dumars from his playing days -- it's where I found the picture in this post and the post below.
  • USA Today praises Dumars' good guy qualities:

    He was the inaugural recipient of the NBA Sportsmanship Award in 1996, and the trophy that goes to the winner each year bears his name.

    "What I wanted to do was always present myself as a professional with humility and as a great competitor," says Dumars, the Pistons' president of basketball operations. "I tried to do that for 14 years on the court and six years in my role in this job.

    "Being elected to the Hall of Fame validates what I've done. ... Hopefully this is an example for some of the guys who are playing now, that you can carry yourself like this, be a professional, be a winner, accomplish a lot, be considered a good guy and be rewarded for it at the end of the day."

  • The AP on Dumars is going into the Hall of Fame alongside the brash Charles Barkley and the spectacular Dominique Wilkins:

    Joe Dumars is going into the Basketball Hall of Fame just as he played -- under the radar.

    Making all the noise, drawing all the attention Friday night will be two other inductees -- Charles Barkley and Dominique Wilkins. Barkley, no doubt, will have the most entertaining speech. Wilkins will monopolize the highlight tapes.

    Dumars plans to stay nice and quiet, in keeping with the way he acted as a player and conducts himself as the Detroit Pistons' president of basketball operations.

    "It's only befitting that I go in with a couple guys like Charles and Dominique because it typifies my 14 years in the NBA," Dumars said in an interview with The Associated Press this week. "And it's absolutely the way I would prefer to go into the Hall of Fame."

    Unlike Barkley and Wilkins, Dumars was an NBA champion. He was the MVP of the 1989 NBA Finals and helped Detroit repeat the next year.

    "The three of us are getting to the same mountain top as players, using three different routes," Dumars said. "You're either a Hall of Famer based on championships or numbers, and I'm 100 percent comfortable and happy with the route I've taken."

    Man, that last paragraph kills me. So are we, Joe.

  • If ESPN's Ken Shouler could go back in time and draft tonight's inductees, he'd take Barkley first, Wilkins second and Dumars third. That's okay: if I could draft ESPN's staff of basketball writers, I'd take Chad Ford first, John Hollinger second, Marc Stein third, Chris Sheridan fourth, Chris Broussard fifth...