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Links, links and more links

  • Can you believe it's already September? Neither can I. But the good news is that the upcoming season is right around the corner. Get your exhibition tickets this weekend -- they go on sale Saturday.
  • You know what is also around the corner? The release of all of this year's NBA video games. Whether you're a gamer or not, has a couple of NBA 2K7 videos featuring Tayshaun Prince you might appreciate. We've come a long way since Double Dribble -- can you believe it's already been 20 years?

    What's going to be better, NBA 2K7 or NBA Live 07? I don't know, but if 2KSports or EA Sports wants to send me a Playstation 2 copy to review, I'd be more than willing to dedicate a post to settle this debate.

  • Celtics blog Loy's Place compares Boston's current lineup with Detroit's championship teams from 1989, 1990 and 2004. Personally, I don't really see it, but it's an interesting analysis nonetheless.
  • Last, but most defintiely not least, congratulations to the Detroit Shock for winning Game 4 of the WNBA Finals against Sacramento on Wednesday to even out the best-of-five series and force a Game 5 on Saturday at the Palace.

    The women's game often isn't played on the same stage as the men's, but the intensity is still there. Just ask Bill Laimbeer, who's living up to his familiar role of being the league's villain: he's been fined by the WNBA for criticizing the referees after Game 3 and has all but declared war on ESPN for what he's considered unfair coverage. From the AP:

    "We're tired of there being a double standard on the whistle," Laimbeer said after Detroit was called for 28 fouls to Sacramento's 23. The clubs were called for 42 fouls apiece in the series' first two games.

    "We're tired of it, and it's showing," Laimbeer continued. "Players are becoming frustrated, and we expect -- no, we demand -- that we get the same calls as the other team. ... We demand that we get the same hand-checks, that we get the same cheap calls that go against us. Am I whining? No. I'm stating a fact."

    According to a report in Wednesday's Detroit Free Press, Laimbeer also said he'd refuse to wear his live microphone and cooperate with ESPN during Game 4.

    "I just hear from our family and friends back home that, 'Boy, ESPN is killing you guys,'" Laimbeer told the newspaper. "'And [Nancy] Lieberman and Doris Burke are just trashing you left and right.' Not only me, but also some of our players on our ballclub."

    Laimbeer told the Free Press that he would refuse to cooperate with the network for showing snippets of what he said to "create controversy or slam people."

    "They're using their own tool to create their own story," Laimbeer said. "That shouldn't happen."

    Laimbeer also said he wouldn't let cameras in the locker room for pregame routines and speeches.

    "We're telling ESPN today to basically stick it," Laimbeer said.