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Pistons may shop Antonio McDyess

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A. Sherrod Blakely's doesn't update his blog all that often (or rather, as often as I'd like), but when he does he's usually got some good info for Pistons fans. Nothing he says today is earth-shattering, but he's still convinced that the Pistons are in the lead for Webber and that Antonio McDyess might be shopped, assuming teams are willing to swallow the trade kicker in his contract.

Where might Antonio McDyess land? Blakely writes:

Mo Peterson is a player the Pistons have liked for some time now, but I don't see the Raptors willing to give him up unless they can get someone like Antonio McDyess in return.

Not only are the Pistons not willing to let Dice go (at least not right now), but McDyess also has a trade kicker that might keep a team like Toronto from pursuing him aggressively.

Bonzi Wells is another guy Detroit has wanted for years. They wanted Bonzi to opt out of his final year in Sacramento, and were prepared to offer him a multi-year deal worth more than $30 million. ...

He's much more affordable now, and hasn't exactly hit it off with Jeff Van Gundy. But with T-Mac's iffy back, Houston would be nuts to cut loose Wells who has proven to be a very good player in the postseason.

They might give it some serious thought if the Pistons offered up McDyess, who by the way, is among a growing number of NBA players who live in Houston during the offseason.

I'm in no hurry to give up McDyess, and I'll be disappointed if Carlos Delfino loses regular-season minutes to any incoming wing player, but Wells would be a great addition for the postseason. I'm less sold on Mo-Pete (DBB reader Microwave has an interesting theory on that one), but it's worth noting that both Wells and Peterson have expiring contracts. Maybe it's a just a coincidence, or maybe the Pistons are concerned about clearing money to re-sign Chauncey Billups.

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