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Flip Saunders likes Carlos Delfino

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Flip Saunders on Carlos Delfino in the Detroit Free Press:

When talking about Delfino's recent play, Saunders mentioned a talk he had with tri-captain Richard Hamilton.

Saunders praised Hamilton's leadership ability in keeping everyone going, especially Delfino, who has yet to practice as the point guard.

"And so I kind of talked to (Hamilton) about slowing down and relaxing, and that will help Carlos," Saunders said. "And Carlos has been the one, he's been a very, very bright spot here over our struggles here lately. He's really stepped up and done a lot of things more from an energy standpoint defensively, creating as far as with the ball."

Saunders said Delfino will be the primary backup point guard to Flip Murray until Billups and/or Lindsey Hunter returns. When Delfino is running the point, Saunders said he still would like to have another ball handler or two on the court with him.

I actually wish Saunders would go one step further and put Delfino in the starting lineup. Murray has made enough (incremental) progress for that not to happen, but hopefully Delfino will still get a good long look running the show from the bench.

With Billups out, backups step up [Detroit Free Press]